Consider Thrift Store Shopping

Consider Thrift Store Shopping

In my quest to be fiscally responsible, I realized I could save hundreds of dollars each year by purchasing many of my needed items at a thrift shop.  Due to the prosperity of Colorado in general, it is easy to find thrift store bargains on clothing and other household items that are still in excellent shape.  I am always sure to only buy items that are truly a bargain and if something is overpriced, I research sales at my local department store instead.  In other parts of the country, there may not be as many thrifting options available, but in Colorado there is no excuse for paying full price for most of my clothing needs.  If you want to start saving money by thrift shopping be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Research Prices Ahead of Time

Be sure that what you are purchasing is truly a bargain.  Have a rough idea of what an item would cost new and use that as a guide to avoid a cleverly marketed rip off.

Make a List

One of the biggest mistakes people make is assuming that because the prices are so great you should just buy everything that presents itself as a good deal.  Even though prices are reasonable, you don’t want to end up going over your budget or accruing a bunch of items to clutter your home that you didn’t need in the first place.  Be sure to set out with a premade list of items you are looking for and stick to your list.

Shop During Peak Hours

One way to ensure you get your first choice of items is to know when the store restocks its inventory.  Be sure to shop during or immediately after the store is replenished to ensure you find the items you need.

Watch for Sales

While it may sound goofy, thrift stores often run sales just like any other store.  These special promotions and days can add up to crazy savings. 

Shop Unconventional

In today’s age of the internet, there are many online thrift store options available.  This can be great for those who prefer shopping online over traditional shopping.  Don’t forget to check online yard sale sites and Facebook marketplace for additional deals.

Set A Budget

It is easy to allow your spending to add up quickly while under the guise of great deals.  Be sure to set a budget for yourself prior to entering the store.  Be sure to add up your items as you go and avoid overspending.

Save the EnvironmentNot only has thrift store shopping saved me money it also is saving the environment.  By reusing items, it prevents more waste from filling up our landfills.  Thrift shopping is money and eco friendly!!