Costing Saving Tips to Save Big on Groceries

Groceries are a necessity for daily survival, yet I often come home from shopping feeling as if I have been robbed.  As prices continue to increase on most of the goods and services we rely upon, food costs also continue to rise.  While I will always need to buy groceries, I did find some cost saving hacks to cut back on my weekly bill.

Use a Grocery Service

Walmart, King Soopers, and many other food chains now provide a convenient way to shop and pick up groceries.  Simply go online to the store’s app, make your list, pay, and schedule a time to pick your items up.  This simple process can save you both time and money.  Since I am not walking through the store, I am no longer tempted to purchase additional items that are not on my list.  Using a service like Quick List, allows me to stay focused and only buy the items I really need.

Shop with a Full Stomach

Entering a grocery store with a hungry stomach will surely end in disaster.  You will be thinking with your hungry stomach instead of your sensible planned out list.  You will likely end up spending excess money on anything that looks good, at that moment, even junk food and other items that won’t be conducive to making a nutritious meal.

Do Inventory

Before you head off to the store, be sure to have a plan.  Take inventory of what you currently have in your pantry, fridge, and freezer.  Try to plan meals that use up the ingredients you already have and only require a few additional purchases at the store.  Remember a penny saved is a penny earned; items at home have already been purchased and thus won’t take away from your current budget.

Create a List and Stick to It

Be sure to spend a few minutes compiling a list of all needed items at the store.  When you enter the store, take care to remain focused only on the items you have on your list.  This ensures you get items that can provide your family with weekly meals and prevents you from spending on other items you don’t really need.

Shop Around

While it may take a few extra minutes, you can save a bundle by shopping around.  One grocery store may offer the best prices on produce, while another may be the best place to buy meat.  Don’t pay too much for the sake of convenience.  Be sure to compare prices before you buy, allowing you to make the best decisions about where to purchase particular grocery items for the best price.