Finding Energy Efficient Options

Finding Energy Efficient Options

Anyone who has lived in Colorado for very long, knows just how hot the summer days can become.  Last summer, I spent a great deal of time indoors as it seemed too hot out to do much else.  Since I was indoors so much, I unfortunately ran the AC quite a bit and racked up a high electric bill.  Even though it is still winter time, I have begun to consider ways to become more energy efficient next summer, in order to be both more environmentally friendly and save money.  In the process, I decided to make an investment on a nice Christmas gift to myself.

Add an Awning

As I researched my options, I realized that I could easily add a retractable awning to my outdoor space.  I have always loved the outdoors, but the older I get the less I can tolerate being exposed to the direct sunlight.  Not to mention, with my fair skin sunburn is a very real concern.  Last summer, a close friend of mine installed a functional awning that greatly increased her useable outdoor space.  I contacted Michelle and she recommended calling Best Awning Company as she had a great experience herself with the company. 

I followed her advice and within a few days I had a quote for my very own awning.  I decided to take the plunge as I realized I could spend a large portion of my time outdoors, reducing the need to keep the interior of my home super cool.  Furthermore, a retractable awning can help me to stay outside more despite changing weather conditions.  I was thrilled to be informed by the helpful employee at Best Awning Company, that an awning can reduce outdoor temperatures as much as 20 degrees for those under its protection!  I was also extremely pleased to find out that awnings can protect people from up to 99% of harmful sun rays! 

Saving on Energy

With my plans in place to install the awning in the New Year, I have now developed an energy saving plan.  I also invested in some well insulated window treatments.  Thus, during the hottest hours of the day, I will pull my shades to keep the heat out as best as possible.  Additionally, I plan to keep my interior temperature set at 78 degrees, just enough to prevent the house from becoming uncomfortably warm, but far warmer than I would set it if I were to be inside all day.  Luckily, since Colorado largely lacks humidity, I plan to open the windows each night to let in the cool evening air, with the intent of keeping the AC completely off during the evening and night hours.With all these changes in place, I am excited to see how this impacts my electric bill and my desire to be outside this summer!