Cutting Cord

Is It Time to Cut Costly Cable?

I recently become frustrated as I feel I am not putting enough into my saving account. I took inventory of where my money goes and concluded I could save a significant amount each month by cutting out cable television. I am paying upwards of $125.00 each month just to have a service I rarely use anyway. With my busy work schedule, I only watch TV on the weekends. I decided to investigate what other services were available and discovered some cost-effective options that wouldn’t leave me completely without any form of TV.

Invest in a Digital Antenna

A digital antenna is a great option for those of you looking to cut the cord. This affordable device allows you to continue viewing local channels which often offer content that other mediums such as Netflix are not able to provide.

Give Netflix a Try

Netflix is a popular provider for both those who have cable and those who decide to cut the cord. This service provides a plethora of TV shows, as well as movies for a small monthly premium of under $10.00. This service can save you so much money and make the transition from cable TV seamless.

Try Out HULU Plus

Hulu is a popular option as it offers almost all the same shows that traditional cable does for the extremely affordable price of $7.99 per month! This provider’s service is similar to traditional cable in the aspect of commercials. Thus, if you are looking to eliminate commercials, Netflix may be a better option for you. The commercials are not all that long and function to keep the cost down, which sounds like a win to me! Afterall, you’ve been stuck watching commercials through traditional cable for years.

Throw in Sling TV

Sling TV is a great option for those looking to cut the cord but maintain the ability to watch sports channels (a common reason people refuse to give up cable). This service is provided through Dish TV and provides a no-contract means to watch multiple popular channels for a mere $20.00 per month. Additionally, if you are looking for a few more specific channels, this service works in the form of tiers. You can add more channels for just $5.00 more per month, per tier.

Don’t Forget Amazon Prime

An Amazon Prime membership can do much more than simply provide you with free 2-day shipping. For the small fee of $99.00 per year, this provider also allows you to stream TV shows, movies, and Amazon original productions. While many of these options are free, Amazon also allows you the option to rent or purchase other movies or shows for a small fee. Furthermore, if you enjoy reading, this service also allows you to borrow many Kindle books for FREE!