Making Homemade Laundry Detergent

Making Homemade Laundry Detergent

In the interim between Christmas and New Year’s, I found myself quite board as I was not working that week.  I have been continuously trying to find new ways to save money.  It occurred to me that one of my biggest expenses is purchasing laundry detergent.  It never seems to last very long, and the chore of laundry is never ending.  I have heard that many families are now trying to produce their own laundry soap to cut back on cost.  I was not entirely convinced, so I researched exactly how much money I could save and was shocked to find out just how little I could spend for a healthier and cheaper homemade laundry soap.

Is It Really Cheaper?

According to my research, making my own laundry soap is competitive against all name brands of laundry detergent and is still even cheaper than purchasing a knock off or store brand detergent.  I generally end up doing at least one load of laundry a day as to avoid it piling up and becoming overwhelming.  With this in mind, homemade laundry soap in comparison with using a name brand such as Tide is a significant difference.  Homemade soap cost on average approximately $.02 for each load, while Tide is much pricier at about $.21 per load.  While those figures may not seem all that significant, when you consider that even if you do just one load of laundry each day, all year long your homemade soap cost will only be about $7.30; doing the same amount of laundry with Tide would cost you roughly $76.54 per year.  That is a whopping savings of $69.35 per year just by making your own detergent.  For those of you with large families, the savings will be even more significant. 


For those of you with young children, it can be difficult to find the needed time to mix up a batch of soap.  It could be dangerous for little ones to ingest the mixture; thus, it is imperative to do this activity when the kids cannot accidently get into the ingredients.  Furthermore, since making homemade soap makes a large quantity at one time, it is important that you have enough storage space available to keep the excess soap.

BenefitsOften times, we don’t really know what is in our laundry soap.  Many brands are filled with harsh chemicals, dyes, and strong scents.  Making your own soap allows you to know exactly what you and your family are being exposed to.  For those of us with sensitivities to soaps and scents, homemade soap makes it easy to find the perfect recipe that is gentle and much safer than what you may have been purchasing at the store.