Mending Your Clothing to Save Money

Mending Your Clothing to Save Money

Sewing was once a skill required of young women as a rite of passage into adulthood and marriage.  Much has changed since those times, with many women forfeiting sewing altogether as most women are now equal breadwinners with their partners.  I grew up with a mother that sewed often and insisted I at least learn the basics.  Over the years, I became so busy with my own life and career that sewing always took the back burner.  I have been guilty of simply throwing clothing items out and fully replacing them after losing a few too many buttons or incurring a small tear.  I realized this is quite wasteful and decided to dedicate this new year to mending and repairing clothing items that still have more use in them.

You may be asking yourself if this will actually save you money after considering the cost of supplies.  The answer is yes.  If you were to begin sewing all your own clothing the cost would not be much less than buying new, albeit the quality would likely be better.  I am simply suggesting learning sewing basics that can extend the life of your clothing.  Simple fixes such as sewing on buttons, patching holes, and mending hems or seams.  This saves you money and reduces waste!

For those of you looking to save extra money by shopping yard sales or thrift stores, it is likely many of the clothing items there may need small fixes.  If you can pick up name brand clothing for just a few dollars and then mend a few small things, you can save a great deal of money.  For those of you with teenagers, it is important your kids have plenty of clothes as to avoid being bullied.  During this delicate period of development, your wallet may be screaming.  If you can purchase extra outfits used and then spruce them up like new you don’t have to break the bank to improve your child’s self-esteem.

I suggest investing in an inexpensive sewing machine.  This will help you to be more efficient, but most mending jobs can be done by hand as well.

For those of you with blue collar husbands, it is not uncommon to see work pants will holes in the knees.  Constantly, replacing work pants can add up quickly.  Instead of tossing a perfectly good pair of pants with a simple hole, consider patching the pants.  I saved some of my old outdated jeans and use parts of them to fashion a sturdy patch when fixing work pants.  I usually patch these pants no more than two times before they have no more life in them, but it extends the use of my husbands pants for pennies on the dollar.Sewing does take a bit of dedication, but it is certainly worth a try to save on waste and money this coming year!