Christmas Shopping

Money Saving Tips to Prepare for Christmas Shopping

With the dawn of November and colder weather, most of us are beginning to think about our Christmas shopping. Consumerism reigns free during this season, manipulating us into spending more than we need or can afford. While it is typically necessary to spend money around the holidays, there are some simple cost saving hacks to prepare for that extra spending. Furthermore, there are ways to stretch money, make money, and reuse or make homemade items for a fraction of the cost. Don’t fall into excess spending driven by clever marketing campaigns this season, instead be prepared to spend less on your Christmas shopping.

Find the Best Deal with Online Shopping

Online shopping is increasingly gaining popularity. In addition to shopping from your own home, it is easy and efficient to compare prices on multiple sites and various sellers. This ensures you are getting the best bang for your buck and not over paying for similar items.

Plan Ahead

Slowing buying gifts in months prior to December can make Christmas shopping less of a burden. Additionally, this enables you to find the very best deals on items instead of desperately searching and paying whatever a store wants to charge during peak season.

Outlet Shopping

Outlet shopping can be a fun and cost-effective way to get name brand items at a fraction of the cost.

Cutting Back on Heating Costs

A great way to save extra cash for Christmas shopping is turning down the heat. Utilize blankets, duvets, and warm clothing to save on energy costs.

Sell Unwanted or Unneeded Items

Many of us have items sitting around that we no longer use. Excess furniture, clothing, and decorations can be sold to make a bit of extra cash.

Handmade Gifts

For those of you who excel at DIY projects, handmade Christmas gifts are both sentimental and cost efficient. Local craft and fabric stores sell supplies at minimal prices. A bit of elbow grease and you have a beautiful gift. Bonus points if you use coupons to save even more!

Purchase Tickets Early

If you are going to be traveling out of town for the holidays, be sure to book train, bus, or plane tickets well in advance. This is a guaranteed way to save you precious dollars that could be better spent on gifts.


It is Christmas tradition to send out cards and letters to family and friends. Unfortunately, with rising postage costs, this once endearing tradition can cost quite a bit of money. Most people will simply throw the cards in the trash after the holidays anyhow. A better option is sending E-Cards. This saves both time and money, while still letting your family know you care.