Siding Contractor

Replacing Siding Without Waste

Anyone who has lived in Colorado very long is well aware of the crazy weather patterns. Over the summer, my house was hit by a significant hail storm. I finally got the roofing replaced, but I had been consistently avoiding the siding. Unfortunately, due to the size of the hail one side of my home sustained more damage than I could simply ignore.

I continued to avoid approaching this issue as I had always been told if siding is damaged you must replace the entire house. I was concerned at the cost to do so as I have a fairly large house. To make matters worse, I had just put all new siding on my home a little more than a year ago.

Last month, I finally broke down and begin researching my options. A close friend of mine mentioned that she had worked with a company that offers more than full siding replacements, but partial replacements as well.

I wasn’t sure I believed this, so I looked online and found the business. Much to my surprise, under the siding services tabs the first category on the drop down menu was hail damaged siding. I learned from their informative page that allowing this problem to continue could lead to moisture leaking under the siding and subsequently destroying other costlier parts of my home.

I ended up taking the plunge and calling the company for an estimate. The friendly receptionist took down my information and quickly set up an appointment for later in the week. A kind estimator arrived the following Thursday and was quickly able to deem most of my siding salvageable. What a blessing!

Two weeks later the crew arrived and repaired the damaged side of my property. I was expecting a clear indication of where the siding had been replaced. I sure was in for a surprise; there was absolutely no distinguishable difference between the old siding and the replacement siding. This company did a seamless job at fixing my home and saved me thousands of dollars

In a society that so often tears down and rebuilds, this solution was perfect for someone looking to repair instead of replacing! So much less waste was produced doing a partial replacement instead of the entire house!

If only more places were willing to practice responsibility by restoration! If you know of anyone dealing with damage to their siding, don’t hesitate to allow this company a chance to earn your business!