Save on Wrapping Paper A DIY Solution

Save on Wrapping Paper-A DIY Solution

With Thanksgiving over, I have begun to think about the quickly approaching Christmas season. I considered buying wrapping paper to start wrapping gifts for my family, but I was appalled at the outrageous prices for only a small bit of paper. I started looking around my house and discovered some cost saving ideas to create beautiful, homemade wrapping paper while repurposing and reducing waste!

Very often, I shop at Sprouts. A hallmark of this store is their use of paper bags. Subsequently, I seem to always have an excess of these bags laying around. I realized I can easily cut them up, with the plain brown side up, for use as wrapping paper.

I added twine ribbon ties around several of the packages to make them look and feel very rustic. If you are looking for something a bit more fun, stamp kits work great on the repurposed bag paper. Like the bags, I had several stamper kits laying around and was able to make some very kid friendly designs on my bags. I am truly amazed at the creativity, stylishness, and savings of this method.

For those of you who aren’t interested in the paper bag method, there are also other ways of making some DIY wrapping paper.

Regular construction paper or computer paper can be easily made into colorful wrap unique to the season. All you need is the paper, acrylic paint, and a hair dryer.

Carefully mix the desired colors with water to thin it out a bit. Then either use a paint brush or abstractly throw the colors on the paper. Be sure to move quickly during this step to avoid the paper becoming too wet. Tape the paper down before drying to avoid it flying away and making a mess. Finally, use the hair dry to spread out the design and quickly dry the paint.

This method allows you to get as creative as you want and pick the exact colors you want for your paper. Fun touches such as glitter mixed with the paint can make your paper feel even more festive.
Another awesome DIY project is gift wrapping cash and gift cards in a tin can. It is as simple as opening a pull tab can from the bottom, cleaning it out, adding tissue paper and the gift and resealing the bottom with a glue gun. Then remove the outside label of the can and decorate with your homemade wrapping paper and ribbon/twine.

On Christmas you will have the coolest gift when your family pulls the tab on the can and opens it to a gift instead of soup! It is soup season anyhow, so why not have some soup for lunch and then reuse that can for a creative and cost-effective gift wrap!