Saving Money and The Environment with Cloth Diapering

My sister is currently expecting her first little one.  With rising disposable diaper costs, I began wondering how much she would be able to save by choosing to diaper with cloth instead.  While cloth diapers are a bit more time consuming, they can help you save substantially over the course of a year.  You can save even more, if you are planning to have multiple children, as these sturdy diapers can be used for several children without fail.  While cloth diapers may not be right for everyone, if you want to save money and care about our environment, they just might be the perfect choice for your family!

Will It Really Save Me Money After Accounting for Start-Up Costs and Cleaning?

While it is tempting to think that you could diaper with disposables just as cheaply without the hassle of cloth, this is simply not the case.  Studies show that even after accounting for washing costs at roughly, $0.05 for water, $0.09 for power, and $0.03 for detergent per load of diapers, costs equal about $.50 to clean every three dozen dirty diapers.  Disposables on the other hand cost roughly $0.20 per diaper equally about $7.20 per each three dozen diapers used.  After considering the average age when potty training begins, your diaper savings will be close to $350.00. 

Granted this estimation does not include the initial costs of purchasing cloth diapers.  It is important to be thrifty, looking for used cloth diapers and sales.  It is also wise to add these supplies to your registry if you are having a baby shower.  If you are intending on reusing your investment for multiple children, the savings really add up as you no longer have any start-up costs.  Even if you are not planning to have more children, you will be able to resell your cloth diapers to help cover your start-up costs.  Cloth diapers also come in a range of styles that vary in cost, depending on the amount of time needed to wash the separate parts.  The most convenient styles are the most expensive.  If you want to save more you can do so with other styles that may take more time to assemble but provide the same protection.

As we continue to see the effects of garbage on our environment, cloth diapers are a good option simply because they keep hundreds of disposable diapers out of landfills each year.  Disposable diapers will take years and years to disintegrate, while cloth diapers end this unnecessary waste all together. 

Cloth diapers can also be beneficial to children with sensitive skin, keeping your baby from being exposed to chemicals found in disposable diapers.

With so many benefits, many people are choosing to switch to cloth.  Consider if cloth could be the right choice for your baby!