Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Saving Money on Your Cell Phone Bill

Each week I reconsider my expenses and look for money saving options.  In today’s society, having a cellphone has become a necessary evil.  My job even requires that I have a cell phone with me at all times.  I recently realized I am paying a ridiculous amount of money out each month just to have a phone.  Here are some tips on how to save money on your cell phone bill.

Ask About Discounts

Many cell phone providers partner with business corporations allowing employees of these companies to receive discounts on their wireless bill.  Be sure to speak with your manager or human resources department to find out if your place of employment has partnered with a cellphone company.  Even if you find they partner with a wireless provider other than the one your already have, consider switching companies.  Additionally, if you are a student be sure to ask your provider whether they offer a student discount.  Many providers do, although it is not often advertised unless you ask.

Is Prepaid Right for You?

For many people, a pre-paid phone does not seem like a good option as they have been led to believe a standard contract is the best way.  While a contract is a better option for heavy cell-phone users, those who use their phone minimally will save significantly by switching to pre-paid plans over traditional plans.

Family Plans

The concept is simple, multiple people on the same plan can equally share the total cost making the monthly bill much lower than if they took out their own plan.  You may often see great deals running on family plans, but maybe you don’t have the necessary family members to take advantage of these deals.  While most cellphone companies don’t advertise it, the use of the word family is taken very loosely in the cellphone plan world.  Anyone you trust enough to open a family plan with can be considered “family” for this purpose.  Maybe you have close friends, roommates, a significant other, who also wants to save money by opening a family plan together.

CompareJust because you have stayed with the same cell phone provider for the last 10 years, does not mean you can’t change if you are being charged to much.  It is easy to slip into complacency, resulting in spending too much on your phone bill.  Take the time to compare your current plan and price against other competitors.  You may be surprised how much you can save by simply switching cell phone providers every few years.