Reduce Gas Consumption

Top Ways to Reduce Gas Consumption

When considering my annual expenses, I have noticed one of the largest chunks of my income goes directly back out to filling my car’s gas tank.  While, it is certainly necessary to drive, there are many times I have frivolously wasted gas and written it off as insignificant.  Those seemingly little amounts of waste really added up over the course of a year.  I have often felt trapped by increasing fuel prices and assumed there is nothing I can do.  After much research and consideration, I realized the first step to bringing down gas prices is to do my part in reducing gas consumption.  If we all work together, we can conserve this precious resource, create cleaner air, and reduce high fuel prices.

Cut Back on Driving

Do you often find yourself making small trips that are only a few miles up the road?  Instead, consider walking or riding your bike.  Take the time to contemplate if the trip is necessary or if it could wait and be combined with a larger trip, getting everything done at once and saving on gas.

Turn That Engine Off

Do you find yourself allowing your vehicle to idle while waiting on your child, talking with friends, or running through a drive thru?  These minutes may seem minor, but add up equaling extra cost to refuel your car.  Remind yourself to turn off the engine anytime you are waiting or talking with someone.  Take an extra few minutes to park your car and go inside to order your fast food.  Turning off your car completely can save you cash that would be otherwise thrown away while your car idles. 

Try Carpooling

Do you drive your kids to school each day?  What about to your job?  A simple way to save both fuel and wear and tear on your car is to try carpooling.  Find a friendly co-worker that may be willing to divide up the driving, conserving both resources and money.  If there are other parent’s in the neighborhood, consider a carpooling arrangement.  In some cases, you may only need to drive your kids once a week, taking turns with multiple other parents.  This saves a great deal of fuel, time, and mileage.

Consider Public TransportationWhile public transportation isn’t for everyone and is simply not available in some areas, it can be a great way to save yourself money.  Taking the bus or train can cut back on wasted natural resources, cost, and keep your personal vehicle in pristine condition.