Why Choose Siding Repair?

After weathering another harsh Colorado winter, I noticed some damage to my home’s vinyl siding.  I had a partial replacement completed after last summer’s hail storm, but now it appears I have damage to a small area on the opposite side of my house.  While I could consider doing a total siding replacement, it seems like a waste for such a small section.  Instead I a company to assist me with a partial siding replacement/repair once more.

I was inspecting my siding and discovered a few pieces had blown away during a windstorm and a few had become beat up and sustained small cracks.  It concerned me because I had been warned by a friend that small cracks can lead to major problems with mold, rot, and structural integrity if not corrected promptly.  While my friend assumed, I would need a full replacement I was not so sure and decided to do some research.

I refreshed my memory and realized that not every small bit of damage will require a total replacement.  I considered some recommended criteria and realized that my siding is not severely brittle, faded, or rotted/dry rotted and other than the few pieces that sustained some cracks, moisture had not been able to penetrate behind my home’s siding.  I realized that I could likely save money, a lot of money for now by simply having the damage repaired.

I called the experts at Colorado Siding Repair and quickly had someone come out to assess the damage.  The professional that arrived at my home was courteous and honest.  He assured me that I was indeed correct and could merely do a partial siding replacement.  He said repair would not be a good option for me since I had vinyl siding.  Instead he went to work ordering matching siding to replace the damaged sections and the sections that had blown off during the winter snow storms.

Within a few weeks, the company sent several men out to fix the damaged section of my home.  It was repaired for a fraction of the cost of new siding and I avoided filling the land fill full of unnecessary waste.  In a few years, I will need to do a total replacement and you can be sure I will be calling Colorado Siding Repair once more.  For now, my home looks good as new.  I can not even tell where the damaged area was.  I have time to save for my total replacement and could not be happier that I choose not to replace siding on the entire house.  While partial replacement or repair will not be an option for everyone, it can certainly help many people be able to afford important repairs on their home.  Next time your home sustains damage consider if partial replacement or repair is right for you!